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The Digital Version of this is PayWhatYouCan... there's a $5 suggested donation, since we'd like to make another.

There's a Limited Cassette available via NO LOVE @ arachnidiscs.bandcamp.com/album/2015 for $5... and, that version comes with these mp3's. So really, you should get it there.


We recorded this in an apartment in Fredericton NB, an unfinished (but beautiful) basement in southend Nanaimo,BC, fingers crossed in East Vancouver BC and a garage in Victoria BC.

Sounds were recorded with a Yamaha cassette 4 track, a Tascam cassette 4 track, a Fostex 1/4" 8 track, a zoom digital recorder and a couple computers. The wonderful Michael Carpenter helped push a couple of the record buttons and the rest of the buttons were pressed by the players.



released June 29, 2015

eig is, here and for the most part, ken h and kristjanne v.
plusssss.... adam m played a couple drums and lauren s played a few strings and sang a few words.

Cover painting by KH, Design & Layout by Jake R



all rights reserved


everything is geometry British Columbia

Status // A collage pop group. Mostly Ken & Kristjanne. Sometimes others.

Position // Currently, Acadia & Cascadia, though, initially based on the singular Vancouver Island

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Track Name: Everything is Geometry in the Year 2015
why even ask, why even bother talking about it when that just leaks out all the fun / i feel my heart, my blood is buzzing about it / it feels so good to tell no one / you are what you wanted
Track Name: Brave New Waves
i won’t say, there’s not a way for us to reflect from that wave / you’d wake right at its center, meaning warped or gone / a vision of the old world on the airwaves, '98 or something round there in midtown on dewy lawns / there’s a price that’s stapled onto these, a projection forced backwards through me, i know, yah i know the real thing torn at its seams / the real thing ripped from its scenes /
Track Name: Carpinteria
get out of the van, run wild across the sand, bend to something beautiful / sticky to the touch, try not to think too much, buddy calls it natural /

this is the f-u-t-u-r /

young guys love explaining why one eye eats the other eye / i’ve seen what’s behind the screen, flatscreen out the shit machine /

shake shake shake shake shake your head, in fifty years we'll all by dead / drink drink drink drink drink the oil, shoot the lazer eat the soil / ride the pony break its legs, can’t make egg salad without the eggs / seven derricks ride the seas, i can't see you if you won't see me
Track Name: Cabin Trax
come down next saturday, we can abstract away what’s lacking in these / it’s always on the second day, distraught yet still ablaze, that the scales will fall away / i hope the parts we kept were your favourite parts as well / id be so sorry if it didn't turn out the way you hoped it'd be
Track Name: WitchBaby
now, doctress, bridge the streams of shock and awe and subtleties / do you really remember who you used to be? no, i don't have the patience to get into me / i've seen what’s yet to be, the loss won’t last forever, there’s much more yet to reveal / she’ll rise right out of the seas, that’s no revelation, if you know me / it’s just a part to play out in the open air but you said there would be no masquerades and still, were right here / once you open that door, you might not like what you see, just past the door, there lies a world of harsh contrasts all as coarse as can be / its pure white and black locked in these
Track Name: Shut Your Mouth
in the sun / feeling bummed at the back of the bus / coming down the mountain / same old script / swallowed it / people all around us killing dolphins / all the dolphins are dead / in the sun / we stood in front of arbitrary lines / they made with yellow tape / we tried to stop something nobody wants and they carted us away / all the dolphins are dead
Track Name: Once and once and once
it don't matter how far that you go / it don’t matter how long that you go / some things will change but i know what wont // they’ll be right there to welcome you home
Track Name: Snoop
in the moment / already knew that i was wrong / but i read your shit / rather than leave it alone / none of my business / but it is / none of my business / cause it’s his
Track Name: More Eva Oppenheimer
you said it was a dream but then you woke and you're still there, in a world absolved of passions / the crowd just sat right there waiting patiently, an awkward mass of eyes and ears falling down on me