frvdty 16 A

by everything is geometry

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Recorded on a Yamaha MT400 Cassette 4-Track, a Tascam388 1/4" 8-Track and some other digitally computery means. Some drums were played, by Adam M and Adrian B

Drum Tracks were recorded in Vancouver, Victoria and Nanaimo BC. Most other instrumentation, and vocals, recorded in a Fredericton NB and Halifax NS.

Cover Picture taken at Point Pleasant Park, Halifax NS.


released August 1, 2014



all rights reserved


everything is geometry British Columbia

Status // A collage pop group. Mostly Ken & Kristjanne. Sometimes others.

Position // Currently, Acadia & Cascadia, though, initially based on the singular Vancouver Island

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Track Name: Green Jackets
get straight to the point of it
to somewhere
like your 26th or somethingth birthday party,
where place is irrelevant

we were drinking wine, soaked in a wave of years
our green jackets on makeshift clothing lines
and i've never been that far removed from there
i've never felt that much delay

bringing all of those scars to light
might seem harsh but the times right
for all that mess to sleep
Track Name: New Growth
sparks and shadows split your sky
arise and yah you'll rise
to greener tints in everything
like newer growth on ancient limbs

left to long in the dye
our patterns blur and bleed
the slightest ones are the first to fade
slowly merging into shades
Track Name: Abandoned Biographies
a picture of a past life held at arms length against the sky
from gold to green, as all the same, as you to me, and on...
to our whod want to claim that now
theres no shocking the devout
who'd want to claim that now
from red to green...

with all our time wrote down
the cliches come marching out
till she's exactly what she threatened to be
a cold and callused stone
etched up and patched up like some concrete wall
with no emotion behind at all
Track Name: Eastern Dialectics
if there's a shock and contact
they'll find a way to numb it
as if real progress skipped right past here

they'll play nations endlessly
i'd never wish that on anything

this is not a game
Track Name: Dig
a side way up around the screen of whole worlds up in flames
you'll dig until you see
its not worth knowing now
you'll dig until
your world comes tumbling down

and further on, lost in places you thought you knew
you'll come to see, desperation proves what its meant to prove.