Serialized Decay: an eig omnibus 2009​-​2012

by everything is geometry

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Digital version available November 2014
Cassette version available January 2015


A selection of self-curated tracks covering the period from EIG's inception in 2009 till its untethering from vancouver island in 2012.

All the ep's and splits released under the EIG name (2009-2012) are represented in some form here... plus, there are a couple previously unreleased things too ("10 to 1" and "front", both from an abandoned Lebanon themed ep).

There's a whole lot not included, due to the fact that either a) its pretty bad b) I don't have any copies of it in usable form or c) I've forgotten it existed... likely by choice.

There are some pretty serious fidelity changes throughout. I've put a small amount of effort into dialing back the actual volume on the shrill numbers... but they still exist.

Some of the tracks are also slightly different mixes then what was originally put out... the fact that i've only kept alternative master mixes is a mystery.

EIG was initially created to experiment with bouncing maxed out cassette 4 tracks to a computer then back to said 4 track then back to computer etc... essentially to eliminate the hiss and degradation inherent in bouncing tracks on the 4 track itself... it works, although you need to retune yr instruments a whole lot and the hiss is always going to be there. EIG was also initially created, more importantly, to write songs with kristjanne.

ln retrospect, and removed at least a couple of years from the tracks... i'm happy with the way they turned out, i'm happy that kristjanne and i got to make them together and i'm happy that they were made where they were made and when they were made.

- kh


released November 1, 2014

songs by ken h and kristjanne v with little appearances by the ever esteemable adam m.

recorded in Nanaimo BC with cassette 4 tracks, 1/4" 8 tracks, portable cassette decks and unreliable computers.

the cover is a painting of newcastle island, the edge or protection island and the newcastle neighborhood district of Nanaimo BC, where these track were recorded.



all rights reserved


everything is geometry British Columbia

Status // A collage pop group. Mostly Ken & Kristjanne. Sometimes others.

Position // Currently, Acadia & Cascadia, though, initially based on the singular Vancouver Island

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Track Name: Start
Track Name: Running
swim to the shore / crawl out on dry land / sticks in yr hair / yr fists filled with sand / i am small on the earth / bent and small on the beach / broken shells in the sand / breaking waves at my feet / skinny wrists that stick out / wrists and nobly knees / i am small on the earth / i am timid and free / i don't know what to do now
Track Name: Hello EJ Hughes
you grab the bag / i'll clear the way / there' nothing to hold us back / you count back to / i always lose track and time goes fast / i think this could be the same place / because from this view the bark-less trees dip down to touch the rocky beach /

you always sketch the sweetest things / we're bound in forms / its anchoring / the concepts stretch from you to me / they're carved in stone / they're anchoring
Track Name: A Fragment for the Chief
its not every day we're on streets we've never seen / its not every place our visions will dance and sing / we're gunning down states in serialized decay / from motion to sleep / day to day / in sync
Track Name: Go North
in the summer the tundra grows a million colours and the sun never goes down / in the city i nurse a hundred thousand failures sinking past the horizon / if i don't go north this year i'll die

and the huskies singing sweet i love yous / eating bloody bones / little jamie he's lost out there somewhere living off the marrow / if i don't go north this year i'll die.
Track Name: Seattle 2009
whats the biggest thing you've ever seen / the vibrations aren't all they seem / whats the sickest thing you've ever see / i've got news for you, its happening again
Track Name: Bridge Living
give me shelter cause it need it now / i can't live under this bridge forever / i'm not a troll or a billy goat / i'm just a man trying to make a living / give me $10 cause i need it now / i can't live on rice and ramen forever / i'll build a shelter cause i need one now / i won't live under this bridge forever / i'm not a troll or a billing goat / i'm just a man trying to make a living / when it all comes down and there's nothing left, thats what i am.
Track Name: Archers Fourth
with all the archers poised to brake the beast in time
they talk in circles so close to mine
and i'm a single girl like in a roco
my mom says she got married
Track Name: Pictures
pictures form speech on the backs of every street /
Track Name: Zoom
every song sounds like zooming / zoom around around / ditches on the soft right shoulder are lush with grass / singing songs on stoney beaches / find a feather on the rocks / puffs of wind like fuzzy peaches i missed you and i know its dumb
Track Name: Three Reasons
you gave me a reason much bolder than me / you gave me a reason through diffusion / merging the boundaries lain between you and me / you gave me a reason much bolder than me /

when papers rain on older me / deep within some cold machine / i can't help thinking that this cant be the end.
Track Name: June
june was a rough month / i lost my phone and we got bed bugs / engine blew up on the mountain side / visions burning down the sea to sky /
Track Name: Ten to One
separate the things that we can keep / all the boats will all break free and drift out just out of reach / separate the dreams from static sleep / as if the mornings have gone away / when they're gone we'll see it all / be all, save me tonight and i'll see you tonight / from the shores they sing / to all the parts they bridge, piece by piece / from the shores they sing / a 10 to 1 countdown
Track Name: Garden Memorial to Chinese Pioneers
friday may not hold the phone for our leasure... behold. /
the garden memorial on st georges steet is always flooding / bogging up and covered with leaves / its always just like fall
Track Name: Compass
i wouldn't claim these things... no way / dyed red then green / the points on our compass soar / the points on our compass soar / i wouldn't claim these things... no way /

from coast to coast now its anchors coming up / you pick yr marks then you drive them to the ground / up from the depths i can this welling up / up to the point up to the mark /
Track Name: 29 for Lyfe
keep yr dirty babies / bury them at sea / no babies gonna change me, honey / we can live the dream / the keel cuts through the water / you kick back golden in the bow / i got one hand on the tiller and can watch the sun go down / squak squak squak
Track Name: A Heartbreaker
you're resting with your head on the side of the bus waiting for your stop and you're thinking of all the things you won't see when you're not at the beach / call me up i'll go anywhere
Track Name: Abbotsford
they're coming over any day next week / come on over see what you can take
see the widows sat out on their lawns with their shrubs and their flowers scanning papers see it all built up to be torn down
Track Name: Seven Days
i was angry for seven days after you said what you were thinking / sick in my gut for seven days / nobody asked for your opinion

life's not so hard / i got hobbies out the ying yang / flipping boards and fixing cars / playing gloc in a marching band

ride my bike all over small town streets / go to the legion for a beer / talking shop with the codgers on the beat / throw a tube steak on the grill

my kids are living happy lives, doing better than my sisters / i got this fear i can never quite deny that they're gonna fuck up like my sisters

ride my bike all over small town streets / go to the legion for a beer / talking shop with the codgers on the beat / throw a tube steak on the grill

i was angry for seven days
Track Name: Burning Gulf Islands 2
you don't have to take it seriously though i know you do when its on a page / its so hard to divorce the place and time from a persons face / you'd do well to consider the source.

from my formally well known / little bitter bottled ship cast off / a revision, replacement and selfish script to disconnect the threads

you'd do well to take it lightly / you'd do well to ignore the whole horrid thing / you can't treat it like a revelation / the birds won't tumble from their branches / the waves won't swallow up your island /
Track Name: 10,000
one of 10,000 siblings without any friends / i was a foundling in 18th century france / born in the gutter / bred in the blood and the shit / the sole survivor / my family is my fist
Track Name: Lebanon 8
they impound the corners / swing debts to the bay /
primed and ready for the actioning /
while hearts and minds turn steel /
bound and gagged for their effigy

these actions attain unimaginable speeds
they march into me
Track Name: Front
with all the things to explain /
they separate me /
from all the things which remain/
only / which we've attempted to reach
abject or intimate /

we've the means to force our mistakes only

all the tensions run so deep / patronized and held in place
the mixing patterns all turn grey or opaque
you can't mix the front to the back
Track Name: Ashli
she grew up in texas / back-combs her hair /
on a raw food diet / she's gonna live forever /

grab your yoga gear and see where it'll take you /
if you believe they will, good things can happen to you /
in the kootenays cross legged on a pillow /
with the power of the new age we'll build a new tomorrow


on the sunshie coast / between two balls of copper
sucking back pure oxygen / no one can stop her

at the rock and crystal show

she's a reiki master / heals with the power of touch
reading books by deepak chopra / living a life of love
Track Name: Millstream
call the author / don't let it sleep /
while you're rocking up and down on your thankful feet /
the wind is changing out in the dark /
breaking clouds and branches / our paths will merge /
through the rain the branches sing / swing and sway /
i want to believe /

through the summer i'm not my name /
who set this fire / who stole the game /

with every breath and every word, no there's no excuses /
locked inside these parking lots / an empty frame
inside the act within the move the structure consumes you
drift and fade to stars and seas / id set you free

i waited in the summer sun for my unrolled pants to dry /
i've been wading in the water / i've been waiting all my life /
the berries ate the blossoms / sunlight shimmers through the trees
our reflections in the water / algae green under our feet /
we can dig it up together like a fish burying eggs /
standing firm against the river / current pulling at our legs /
wind against our faces sweeps the pollen out to sea /
candy wrappers on the concrete shut down under lock and key

press my cheek against the glass / push the salmon berries back

you cut yr foot on broken glass infront of the encampment / pooling up up past the moss the planks and rotting docks / you lost your balance up on the rocks and we merge completely / and the signs now rise above the trees